Things You Must Know Before Diving into Aleo Testnet 3


Since the rather vague announcement of the commencement of the non-incentive Phase 2 on November 9, thousands of members have been spotted flooding into the Aleo Discord server and related information-sharing groups on Telegram and WeChat. They all come with one crucial question: whether it is preferable to join a third-party mining pool or to go solo. As an early participant, we will offer some of our knowledge on how you can get started once the incentive testnet is live.

Novice Miners

Those who have just begun their mining journey may not have sufficient time to acquire all of the necessary expertise. For one thing, they lack technical support, and for another, they don’t have many miners at their disposal. A better way for them is to choose a mining pool since they are all made compatible with various types of mining hardware and have simplified the access process. After all, there’s a certain threshold for completing the procedures of setup, deployment, updates, and chain synchronization.

Mining Veterans

Joining a mining pool may not be a necessary alternative for mining veterans since they routinely review the active code branches on GitHub, constantly keeping up with newly released updates, and keeping the test nodes up and running. They have the technical skills to deploy and run the provers themselves. All they have to do now is wait for the GPU mining solution to arrive in order to improve their yields even further.

Ethereum Miners

The bulk of Ethereum miners uses a blend of GPU models and low-end CPUs with little R&D expertise. If you’re one of them, we’re sorry to disappoint you, since merely hiring one or two developers may not be enough to handle the code compilation and algorithm optimizations in a timely manner. Without sufficient professional skills and first-hand experience, it will only be a pipe dream. In this instance, does joining a mining pool seem appealing? If you’ve been in the industry long enough, rug pulls are certainly no stranger to you, which is the last thing you want to happen to the Aleo mining pool. So what should you do? ZKRush is here to address your big concern.

We’re not solely an Aleo mining pool, but a leading technology solution and infrastructure service provider on the Zero-Knowledge track. We help you build your own mining facilities where both your private and public keys are kept in your own hands. Our GPU algorithm remains the best in the market thanks to the hard work of our R&D team. Furthermore, our staff has extensive mining expertise and blockchain knowledge in ETH, Filecoin, and Aleo, which provides several potentials for collaboration.

Key Takeaways from Aleo Reward Distributions

The Aleo official beacon node controls block production, which differs from early-stage Ethereum mining or conventional PoW, in which individuals with higher computing power earn larger block rewards, while those without can only get a little incentive after joining a mining pool. Simply said, the Aleo network may be considered as a mining pool, and as long as you contribute to block generation utilizing your computational power, however small, you can still earn a share from a single block produced. It is just a matter of how many shares you can obtain; everyone will be rewarded for their engagement, which is the centerpiece of Aleo.

Why Choose Us

  1. A skilled DevOps team to guarantee the continuous and effective operation of both software and hardware;

  2. Leading code engineering and underlying algorithm optimization to boost GPU capacity by over 50% in proofs submission with the same equipment;

  3. Adapting software to various types of hardware in order to attain high GPU performance without incurring additional expenditures;

  4. Professional data monitor dashboard to enable full control over the cluster status at all times;

  5. Complete pre-sales and after-sales support to provide you with a full-stack technological solution that saves you time and effort.

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